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Design Director of Shengshi Mansion: Li Mingyu
Work experience: 15 years
Graduated from: Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
Specialized School: Environmental Art Design Major
Design concept: Design is an understanding of life, a combination of art and function.
Resume: Born: February 1983
Honorary awards: 2007 China Interior Design Senior Registered Designer, 2009 China Commercial Space Design Competition Silver Award, 2010 Brand Influential Villa Mansion Designer, 2012 Liaoning Province Top Ten Mansion Designer Title, 2014 "International Environment Art Innovation Design Competition" Huading Award, 2015 "Fourth Golden Creative Award International Space Design Competition" Dining Space Category Silver Award, 2016 CIDA China Interior Design Award Public Space Hotel Design Nomination, Seven House Design Space Office Founder
Successful cases: Mijin Renjian Hotel (indoor and outdoor design and overall VI design), Inner Mongolia Hot Water Holiday Business Hotel, Fujian Tianli Group Sales Department and Club, Vanke Rancho Santa Fe Villa, Vanke Golden Mile Blue Bay, New World Garden, Zhonghai Longwan , Gemdale Evergreen Bay, Gemdale Platinum, COFCO Longxi Family, Poly Twelve Oaks, and various indoor and outdoor design of public spaces.

Shenyang Shengshi mansion Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the center of Shenyang City, adjacent to Shenyang municipal square. Shengshi mansion is a large-scale personalized high-end home service provider integrating the overall planning and construction of space decoration, private customized household equipment and furniture accessories. As a faithful disseminator of home culture, Shengshi mansion's "many to one" whole process trusteeship service mode brings high-end customers respect for private services. In the implementation process of the whole home life system, we have been conducting in-depth research and refining new ideas and ideas in line with home.

Professional design: Twelve directors of Shengshi mansion join hands with the industry design elites to meet all the design requirements of different styles of owners.

Private Customization: the design team carries out original design according to customer needs and housing structure to provide customers with unique customized private houses.

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